What all is required to obtain a license?

You must be of good moral character, and at least 18 years old. (high school diploma, GED or a US citizenship is not required);

1. Missouri requires a 48 hour Pre-exam course be taken before you can sit for the salesperson’s test;

2. Pass both the national and Missouri state portions of a test given by PSI testing center. https://candidate.psiexams.com/#

3. Prior to applying for a license you must also take the 24 Practice course which covers contract forms, working with buyers and sellers, financing, property types, safety, standards of practice, fair housing, etc.

4. You must also be fingerprinted prior to submitting application to the Missouri Real Estate Commission and submit their receipt along with your application. To register:  http://www.machs.mo.gov/

5. Submit signed application, fingerprint receipt, both course certificates and application fee to Missouri Real Estate Commission.

Do I have to pass a test if I want to be licensed in Missouri?  Yes.

What is covered on the test?

The salesperson test consists of 140 questions in two parts though questions do not come up in any particular order.                                            Part 1. - 100 questions covering general laws and principles applicable across the United States. (70% correct out of 100 is passing)                   Part 2. -   40 questions covering questions applicable only to Missouri laws & statutes. (75% correct out of 40 is passing)

To read about Missouri Rules and Statuteshttps://pr.mo.gov/realestate-rules-statutes.asp

How difficult is the test?

Difficulty depends on how well you study and are prepared for the test. Afraid of tests, most are. So study!  Make sure to be rested, eat and arrive to the testing center early. Relax after sitting down for the test, take your time, don’t jump in answering questions. Re-read the question then pick the BEST answer, and don’t leave ANY questions unanswered.

What if I pass one part but not the other part?

If you pass one part but not the other, you only have to go back and pass the portion you failed.                                                                              Missouri gives you six months from the date of your pre-exam COURSE certificate to pass both parts.

Who gives the test?

Missouri uses PSI for testing. PSI is located in Olathe, KS but there are testing locations in Independence and in Gladstone, MO besides other state locations. Tests given for the Kansas City area are every day of the week and the third Saturday of each month.                                          Find a testing center http://www.psiexams.com/

Do I have to be fingerprinted before obtaining a license. - Yes 

Missouri requires fingerprinting before obtaining a license. For more information: https://pr.mo.gov/boards/realestate/fingerprints.pdf

What is the difference between a salesperson’s and a broker’s license?

A broker acts like an employer; i.e. a broker hires salespersons to represent the broker, though each salesperson is considered as an independent contractor. A salesperson must be licensed under a broker and may only work for one broker at a time.

Do I have to have a real estate brokerage company hold my license? -  Yes

After you pass the test, the testing site will email you with your results on whether you passed. Upon passing PSI will follow up by sending you an email application allowing you to apply for a license. This must be completed and signed by you and your broker who agrees to supervise and be responsible for you as a licensee.

Can I skip the salesperson stage and become a broker immediately? - No 

All candidates for a broker’s license in Missouri must have worked as a real estate salesperson for two years prior to seeking a broker’s license.

How do I find a broker?

Most brokers in your area may take on new people on a regular basis. It is up to you to visit with brokers and find one that meets your needs or that you like. You can get a start by contacting some Missouri brokerage offices close to where you live or areas you plan to work.

How much might it cost me to get a real estate license?

There are a number of costs in getting licensed. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay them all at one time. Below is a list of typical costs:

$395 (MO) - 48 Hour Salesperson Pre-Examination Course. Missouri requires 48 hours. (Subject to school attending)

$200 (MO) - 24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course. (Subject to school attending)

$62 (MO) PSI Test, (you will need to pay $62 for every time you retest any part) - Test fee (Paid to PSI testing service)

$90 - ($40 + $50 processing fee) for new licensee. (Paid to Missouri Real Estate Commission)

Approximate additional up-front costs you may incur.

$500 - Board of Realtors annual dues (if your company is a Realtor member)

$200-$300 - Multiple listing service initial membership costs (if your company is a member)

$90 - (More or less) quarterly Multiple listing service fee (subject to local Association your broker is affiliated). 

$100-$400 plus potential annual, monthly or per transaction brokerage costs

Entry level sales training may be required to be paid to your Brokerage for additional training (check with your broker)                                      Also ask about other costs that your broker may charge such as a upfront annual and/or monthly franchise member fee, monthly office fee, transaction fee such as Errors and Omissions, Broker Administration Commission, etc. 

How much money might I earn?

Since most real estate agents are self-employed and work on commission each brokerage company has different fees and commission splits with their salespersons. As a general rule, the more transactions you close the more you may earn. Talk with different brokerage companies to find out how they handle commission splits.

Be prepared for it to take several months after getting your license to close on a transaction before you earn an income.  When getting into real estate be able to support yourself several months before being paid.

When does the license renew?

After a new Missouri license is issued, 12 hours of continuing education must be taken prior to the first renewal of that new license, and every two even numbered year after that. This is true for both newly licensed salespersons and newly licensed brokers.

Salespersons renew September 30th and brokers renew June 30th every even numbered year.

What are continuing education classes and when should they be taken?

Continuing education courses are related to the practice of real estate and required within each 2 year renewal. Each course is 3 hours long.

Missouri requires both salespersons and brokers take 3 hours of a Missouri Core course and 9 hours of electives courses.                                As previously stated, salespersons renew in September and brokers renew in June every even numbered year.                                                     Continuing education courses may be taken anytime between renewals.

Missouri will send out a renewal notice either in the mail or via email prior to the end of your renewal period. If your continuous education is completed prior to receiving notice of your renewal you may be eligible to renew online using a pin supplied by the Commission. 

What happens if my license is not renewed on time?

For a license to be renewed on time means that the continuing education classes have been taken no later than the last day of the renewal period and that the renewal with fee was postmarked (or renewed online) no later than that date. Late renewals are subject to a $50 per month or partial month delinquency fee, up to a $200 maximum. REMEMBER, schools have 10 days to furnish course completion information to the Commission. Therefore completion of continuous education late in the renewal period presents the inability to renew online so the renewal must be mailed and postmarked on or before the renewal deadline. 

Missouri does not have a grace period for continuous education. If continuous classes are not completed and the license renewal was not postmarked (or renewed online) by the last day of the renewal period, the license lapses and, the 24 hour Practice course must be taken.  ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE MISSOURI REAL ESTATE COMMISSION to see what they will require for your license reinstatement.

What happens if a license is put on inactive status?

First of all, a license on inactive status with the real estate commission is different than having a license and not being active in the business.

A license on inactive status means their license was sent back and is being held by the real estate commission. The licensee will still need to pay their license renewal fee but is not required to take continuous education. Their renewal fee will still need paid or they will have to start all over again to get a license.

To reactivate their license held by Missouri will require the 24 hour Practice course be taken again. Check with the Missouri Real Estate Commission to make sure what they will require to reactivate your license.